Is it really so good to be registered in Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong is an international city , and the freest trading port in the world. Therefore, more and more businessmen from home and abroad set up their own companies in Hong Kong with different purposes. So is it really so good to be registered in Hong Kong?

    Is it really so good to be registered in Hong Kong?

    Registered companies in Hong Kong , do not have to worry about the flow of people, logistics, capital in and out of freedom, but also can use the popularity of Hong Kong, the establishment of Hong Kong brand.

    Free flow of people, logistics and funds .

    Freedom of movement: visa-free travel arrangements with Hong Kong and more than 100 countries, and visa-free travel with the pearl river delta;

    Free access to logistics: goods in and out of customs, land and sea logistics processing speed is very fast;

    Freedom of movement of funds: Hong Kong has no foreign exchange control, all kinds of foreign currencies can be converted and transferred at any time, and there are no restrictions on the movement of funds.

    Hong Kong is the freest and most prosperous trading port in the world.

    Use the popularity of Hong Kong to create Hong Kong brand .

    Hong Kong's clothing, toys, cultural publishing and other industries in the international competitive advantage. Setting up such a company in Hong Kong can not only enhance the competitiveness of the company, but also improve the company's international image and status.

    After the establishment of a company, it is natural to develop business, but whether it is to sell products or services, it is necessary to establish a brand, in order to protect the business, the registration of Hong Kong trademark and patent application can not be ignored.

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