What is the list of materials required to register a Hong Kong company?

    Registered companies in Hong Kong can enhance the competitiveness of brands and products, and at the same time, simple and convenient procedures, low cost, low threshold, thus attracting many enterprises from around the world to come to do business.

    What is the list of materials required to register a Hong Kong company?

    1. Company name

    Hong Kong companies have more freedom to choose names. They can be in Chinese or English, and Chinese and English. The Hong Kong government allows the company name to contain words such as international, group, holding, business, investment, academy, etc., regardless of the amount of registered capital; The company name can also be preceded by your preferred place name.

    2. Provide information on shareholders and directors

    Shareholders are investors in the company, directors are members of the board of directors elected by shareholders, and the chairman of the board of directors is the person in charge of the board of directors. Before the establishment of a company, the shareholders, directors, chairmen and the proportion of shares between them shall be determined. Shareholders and directors may be one person and may be of any nationality.

    Provide information on shareholders and directors, including:

    · Copy of business license of domestic enterprise

    · The registered address of domestic enterprises

    · On behalf of the business signature of the authorized person's name and identity card copy

    · Share distribution of shareholders

    3. Registration costs

    The registration cost of a Hong Kong company is not subject to capital verification. If the registered capital exceeds $10,000, the government will levy a stamp duty of 0.1% of the registered capital.

    4. Business scope

    There are no major restrictions on the scope of business of Hong Kong companies, as long as they can carry on business of any nature under legal premise.

    5. Legal secretary

    The government requires a statutory secretary for a limited company. The statutory secretary can be a natural person in Hong Kong or a director of a company incorporated in Hong Kong. You may also choose the Hong Kong secretary service company to arrange it for you.

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