What are the main service objects of U SPACE mini storage?

    Mini storage, also known as mobile storage.Compared with the traditional large storage service, mini storage has the characteristics of freedom and personalization.It can choose the appropriate storage space according to the size and quantity of the items stored by customers.U SPACE mini storage will provide special and personalized services according to customers' storage characteristics and needs. Besides, the storage services provided are diversified in forms and objects.U SPACE mini storage reasonable prices,and it is deeply loved and selected by Hong Kong people.

    What are the main service objects of U SPACE mini storage?

    Object 1: elites, collectors, frequent business travelers, etc

    U SPACE mini storage has extremely high privacy and security, which can ensure the quality and safety of storage products. Therefore, important documents, collectibles, seasonal clothes, furniture sundries, idle supplies, etc. can be stored in the mini storage.

    Object 2: family

    Housing is the place where we stay the longest, and the goods will become more and more in our home .It's shame it that to throw away items that haven't been used or have only been used a few times.U SPACE mini storage can help you store seasonal clothes, high-end goods (wine, piano, golf clubs, etc.), furniture, as well as childhood meeting memories (diary, album, graffiti, etc.), so that you can keep your home clean and refuse to waste.

    Object 3: company

    With the rapid development of the company's business, a large number of new files have been added. On the premise of increasingly high office rents, many companies have been unable to provide spare space for these files and office equipment.If the office space is increased, it will undoubtedly increase the operating cost of the company.U SPACE mini storage can well solve the problem of effective storage of sundries.U SPACE mini storage can provide enterprises with storage services such as office supplies, important documents, exhibition supplies, etc., and it is safe and economical to save a lot of operating costs for many companies.

    At present, the mini warehouse service in the Hong Kong market develops rapidly. Customers no longer simply consider the price when choosing mini warehouse, but also refer to the storage environment, geographical location and service quality of mini warehouse.

    “Mobile Storage” provided by U SPACE is a brand new storage concept! By using movable cabinets and adopting a centralized storage mechanism, U SPACE offers a flexible and affordable storage solution to customers. Various branches of U SPACE are available for customers to deposit or collect their storage items within Hong Kong. Thus, there is no limitation on the geographical catchment area of our storage service, and customers may avoid searching for new storage spaces due to the relocation of their residences or working areas.

    For more information about U SPACE Storage, please visit: https://uspace.com.hk/ or call: 852-2833 9111, please consult!