How to pack up the things before moving

    Many people think of packing before moving,will feel headache, the reason is too many trivial things in the house,they do not know where to pick up.

    With some clever packing tips, you can do more with less effort. The tips for clear up before moving:

    Divide your items into two categories :one for items you're taking to your new home.And one for the items that you don’t need. You can donate the items to organization,give them to friends and famil,or keep in self storage.

    Before you start packing, make a list of all the items and sort them by quantity .

    How to pack items?

    · When packing, heavy or big items should be placed at the bottom of the box, light or small items on top.

    ·Try to keep the same kind of things together.

    ·The medicine should be packed separately and kept in an accessible place in case of emergency.

    · Make good use of foaming gum, rags, newspapers, etc. Fill the empty space in the box, to avoid fragile objects in the process of handling due to shaking or impact damage.

    · Valuables such as antiques, collectables, and jewellery should be kept in storage company hk before the move. You can retrieve them afterwards when you need them again.

    · Make good use of small labels, indicating the contents of the box, easy to find items.

    · Always label every box with the room they belong to so movers know where to place them. The contents of each box should also be labelled on the boxes itself.

    Tips on moving and packing:

    1. Clothing and Shoes

    Put your clothes in boxes or bags. Often wear clothes can be stored in the suitcase, or directly with the sheet package, moved to the new house can be opened.

    For clothes that wrinkle easily and are rarely worn, hang them in the trunk and move them to a new house, or use mini storage serive.

    Put the shoes in a shoe box and tie them together with a rope. Shoes without a shoebox are wrapped in newspaper before being put into cartons.

    2. Kitchen Utensils and Fragile Tableware

    The kitchen has a lot of fragile goods, can use bubble paper, foam, newspaper, soft cloth and other packaging materials, to avoid breaking.

    Cups, bowls, and trays can be stacked from large to small, wrapped in appropriate packaging, and placed in boxes.

    Scissors, kitchen knives and other sharp knives can be used to cover the blade of cardboard, and pay attention to show the knife handle, so that people can be recognized at a glance, in handling can also pay more attention to.

    3. Small Clutter

    After the magazines and books are piled up, fix them with ropes and put them into the boxes. Pay attention to the weight of the boxes. Toys, CDs, ornaments, etc. are sorted and stored in cartons, and then labeled with small labels.

    4. Large Furniture

    The large furniture that can disassemble wants to had been broken open beforehand, the spare parts that dismounts and key are put together good mark, convenient later assemble use.

    The furniture that disassembles inconvenient, should take out the article inside case completely, reoccupy rope or tape is fixed cabinet door and drawer, lest carry when happening knock against.

    5. Electrical Appliances

    Although large home appliances do not need to be packed into the box, but also to be packaged, to avoid collision scratches. Unplug the refrigerator the day before you move and empty it of food.

    Other small electrical appliances packed into the box, and wrap in bubble paper,then seal it with tape. The power cord of the appliance can be taken off or fixed with tape.

    Moving into a new home is a joy, and as long as you know the tips for packing before you move, it's no longer a chore.If you discover there are a lot of not commonly used thing in the home to abandon hard, might as well consider to put theseinto mini storage hk.