Company secretarial service provider include

    For those who registered company in Hong Kong, the latter management is very important. Smart entrepreneurs do not simply register companies, but achieve their own business objectives through company registration service hk.

    Advantages of choosing JV Consultants Limited:

    1. Help enterprises to follow up the actual business in Hong Kong;

    2. Provide close-fitting business supporting services according to customers' requirements and goals;

    3. Provide customers with one-stop corporate secretarial service hk.

    Company secretarial service provider include:

    1. Collect and send parcels on behalf of others -- we provide the legal address and the secretary; For the convenience of our customers, we provide the service of sending and receiving small pieces of goods and mail on behalf of them. For the customers who just start to operate and don't have many parcels each year, we will charge the service fee for each parcel.

    2. Special line secretary -- the special line secretary provides Hong Kong special line telephone service, and the special person answers the call. The professional operator answers the call in the name of your company according to your specific requirements; Fax number in Hong Kong and send and receive fax for you; Providing business address specialist to receive and send faxes and convey information; No installation fee and deposit required. An annual fee is charged.

    3 independent phone line, Hong Kong - Hong Kong telephone switching: independent phone line, the customer to DianZhuan received your phone number, by you personally answering customer calls (after the customer registered company, can apply for the phone to his own company, and put the telephone transfer to anywhere in the world, greatly convenient manipulation in our business, you catch live every business opportunities).

    4. Comprehensive package of business secretary services -- we provide registered address and business address according to the needs of customers; Responsible for handling company business, government, bank and business documents, collecting and sending small amounts of cash, small pieces of goods and parcel mail; To receive, manage and deliver one-stop service; And provide Hong Kong special line telephone local answer or fly line to the designated telephone.

    5. Office/meeting room rental -- Hong Kong corporate image business facilities: provide temporary offices, temporary meeting rooms, tea and other related office facilities; Immediate office staff and document processing, good coordination of public relations and customer contact work, fully reflect the international image of the Hong Kong company.

    For more information about company secretarial service provide in Hong Kong, please visit JV Consultants Limited (http://www.jvchk.com).