Advantages of registered company in Hong Kong.

    More and more businessmen, whose with different purposes,want to enjoy company registration service in Hong Kong.They hope to start their businesses in Hong Kong, so as to gain business development, establish a good public image and enhance their competitiveness in the international market.

    Advantages of registered company in Hong Kong:

    1. Free choice of company name in Hong Kong

    However Hong Kong limited company formation cost is more and less, the Hong Kong government does not have many restrictions on the choice of company name for incorporation in Hong Kong.

    2. The business scope of the Hong Kong company is less restricted

    The Hong Kong government has few restrictions on the scope of business of enterprises, except for special industries controlled by the government.

    3. Hong Kong's tax system is simple and low

    Although Hong Kong companies are required to file tax returns every year, the government only collects profits tax at 17.5% of the net profit after operating in Hong Kong. If the company does not make profits, it will not pay tax.

    Hong Kong is a place where tax is levied on profits and income derived from Hong Kong. Profits derived from operating outside Hong Kong are not subject to tax in Hong Kong.

    There is no VAT or business tax in Hong Kong, only profits tax (corporate income tax), salaries tax (personal income tax) and property tax.

    4. Free trade policy

    Hong Kong has always adopted a free trade policy. Goods entering or leaving Hong Kong are not subject to customs duties. Hong Kong's import and export visas are simple and most products can be imported and exported without a licence.

    5. Easy access to international credit

    Hong Kong has always been highly regarded by the international community and enjoys a good reputation around the world. Therefore, the incorporation of a company in Hong Kong can not only improve brand awareness, but also make it easier to obtain international credit.

    6. Have a sound legal system

    No foreign exchange control, free flow of funds in and out, all kinds of foreign currencies can be exchanged and transferred at any time, and l/c business is convenient and fast.

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