What is the process of registering a Hong Kong company?

    I believe many entrepreneurs want to corporate service provider hk as a springboard for international business. Registering a Hong Kong company is a cumbersome and complicated process. Many entrepreneurs are directly handed over to a professional registrar, such as JV Consultants Limited. But what do you need to do to specifically register a Hong Kong company?

    The process of company registration service hk:

    1. Select a professional consulting company with a leading consultancy company;

    2. Understand the important legal provisions for operating a company in Hong Kong. Of course, if you choose a professional service provider like Hong Kong Jebsen Co., Ltd., you don't have to worry too much because they have designed a complete service plan.

    What laws do I need to know when company registration service hk?

    1 Business registration

    Anyone who operates a new business or branch in Hong Kong must register with the Business Registration Office of the Inland Revenue Department within one month from the date of commencement of business. In addition, a Hong Kong resident is required to act as an agent to be responsible for business registration matters. At the time of registration, a power of attorney signed by both parties shall be submitted, and the contents of the power of attorney shall state the personal data of the agent. The business registration certificate shall be displayed in a conspicuous position in the business, so that the relevant authorities can check it at any time. In addition, if there is any change in the company registration information, the Business Registration Office must be notified in writing within one month after the data is changed, and the original business registration certificate will be returned for revision.

    Even if the business registration certificate is issued, it does not mean that the business is in full compliance with the requirements of other relevant laws. The proprietor may need to apply for a licence to operate certain industries, or he must have an accredited professional qualification. For details, please consult JV Consultants Limited.

    2 Company registration

    Any person who transact company registration service hk or registers in Hong Kong for any foreign branch is subject to the Companies Ordinance. Before setting up a company, you must conceive the company name and register it with the company registry. If the name has already been adopted by others, you need to make another election.

    3 Nuclear number

    A limited company established in Hong Kong or a foreign company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is required to submit a statutory report every year. These reports must include audited financial statements for the current year, such as balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, and liquidity reports. All statements must state the balance from the previous year and must be signed by a certified accredited accountant to be valid. Listed companies must file their reports in the company registry.

    4 Tax liability

    Individuals, businesses, partnerships and custodians who operate any business or trading business in Hong Kong must pay taxes on their profits in Hong Kong and must submit a Profits Tax Return to the Inland Revenue Department each year.

    In addition, in April each year, the Inland Revenue Department will issue a remuneration and pension tax return form for the employers. The employer should complete and return the tax return to the Inland Revenue Department within one month after the form is issued. Employers must notify in writing within 3 months of hiring a taxable employee, 1 month before the suspension of a taxable employee, and 1 month before the departure of a taxable employee The Commissioner of Inland Revenue is concerned about the matter.

    In addition to the above legal items, you need to know about trademark registration, employee compensation, mandatory provident fund, preservation of business records, trade tariffs, investment visas, etc. For details, please contact JV Consultants Limited (http://www.jvchk.com )Learn about!